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Come see me in my first stage project since COVID shut down theatres.This is an exciting production with a phenomenal cast, crew, and design team. Click the link above for more info and how to buy tickets!


Facebook - The Immortal pic of me as Ach

SF Chronicle

February 3, 2011

Article by Chad Jones


During the audition for..."9 Circles" ...Marker was asked to do a cold reading for the part of a troubled 18-year-old soldier just back from Iraq.

"He played hard and fast," [playwright Bill] Cain says. "...By the time he got to the key moment, Craig was sitting on the floor of the theater, sobbing out the truth behind the toughness. Agony and ecstasy. What more could you want from an actor?"

Ten Bay Area stage actors we love
By Karen D'Souza, San Jose Mercury News, September 30, 2013

Craig Marker

Why we love him: This up-and-comer has a boyish face and a quick wit that has made him shine in everything from the warrior Xerxes in "The Persians" at the Aurora to a pizza delivery dude in "The Intelligent Design of Jenny Chow" at San Jose Rep. A wonderfully clueless bad boy in Neil LaBute's "Reasons to be Pretty," Marker has emerged as one of the young MVPs of the regional theater scene.

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