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My best friend, Ian, once Photoshopped a picture of me with a very fuzzy beard and placed me in space. When I had the original photo taken by my then-girlfriend-now-wife, Jeanette, I only thought to preserve the look since I never imagined growing a beard like that again. I'd grown it to play Xerxes in The Persians at the Aurora Theatre in Berkeley. Xerxes was a man who went on a mission to defeat the Greek's in battle, only to limp his way back home sans any living soldiers or victory. I would spend an hour in make-up with the amazing Vincent Avery and then walk onto a quiet, barren stage with red face, blood, rags, and this wicked beard down my neck and puffing up my cheeks. Yeah...I never wanted that fuzz on my neck again. The photo would preserve the look and give me a fun story to tell someday about the fuzzy-neck play. Little did I think this photo would take me on a journey into space.


I'm a big space fan, see.You may have noticed from the background on my website.


I can't place when it started but I read all about the lunar missions as a teenager, begged my folks to get HBO so I could watch the Tom Hank's produced miniseries, From the Earth to the Moon, and I even have a lunar module Christmas ornament I place on my tree each year. The human spirit and the drive to not settle for the known world but to push beyond our own for answers to the infinite and mysterious wonders of the universe.... there is something special in that.

So, in the beginning, I give you my own search for the infinite and the beauty and the mystery that we share and which surrounds us. I give you, Craig In Space.


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